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April 27, 2012 / BSP Marketing

The Spirit of Ernest Hemingway will live on in Newly Branded Hemingway Hotels & Resorts

Ernest Hemingway was perhaps the most famous author of the twentieth century. He was a WWI Veteran, a world traveler, a fisherman and a hunter. Born in 1899, Hemingway wrote poetry, short series and a number of very widely read and highly acclaimed novels. His subject matter tended to come from personal experiences in his life. His most famous works include A Farewell to Arms, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Garden of Eden, The Old Man and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises.
Hemingway died in 1961, but his iconic name lives on more than 50 years later. The Hemingway estate and surviving family members have always sought to keep the legendary Ernest Hemingway name alive. There are several restaurants in Florida and a popular Hollywood, California lounge that are branded with the Hemingway name. Branding has also expanded to leather boat shoes, sunglasses and even outdoor patio furniture.

Hemingway Hotels and Resorts was founded in 2011 with the goal of creating a brand of hotels that reflected the character, adventurous lifestyle and unwavering love of the natural environment that was ingrained in every aspect of Ernest Hemingway’s life. The newly formed company reached a worldwide licensing agreement with the surviving Hemingway family members through their Hemingway Ltd. corporation.

The new venture has been creating a great deal of interest and excitement with hotel developers and a number of current hotel owners who would like to take advantage of the strong brand name and become a Hemingway Hotel. While B. Tuckey Devlin, the President of Hemingway Hotels and Resorts is happy to have what type of properties that he will allow to bear the Hemingway name.

As someone with more than 25 years of experience operating hotels, Devlin is paying very careful attention to even the most minor details. Above all, every Hemingway property must provide great customer service, a unique and memorable visitor experience and have a connection to the places Hemingway traveled and wrote about during his lifetime.

A formal set of guidelines for inclusion in the Hemingway Hotel and Resort Family includes

• The location of the destination property must be related to the author’s work and give guests a chance to experience Hemingway’s adventurous lifestyle.

• Architecture should be true to the area as Hemingway knew it when he wrote about, lived in or visited a specific place

• Only having restaurants that have authentic cuisine that reflects the local culture

• Having bars that serve as gathering places and encourage the camaraderie of friends

• Offer enlightened activities including outdoor sports as well as more cerebral activities such as visiting museums, art galleries and special lectures.

• A concerted effort by management and staff to celebrate the life of Hemingway

• Minimum 4-star level for guest rooms and other hotel facilities

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