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May 5, 2012 / BSP Marketing

Marriott Gets the Word Out Through Blogs and Powerful Social Media Presence

The Marriott name has been a fixture in the hotel and hospitality industry for more than a half century. From humble beginnings as a small root beer stand, founder John Willard Marriott grew the business into one of the world’s most recognized and admired names in the hotel and hospitality industry. Today, there are two distinct companies that bear the Marriott name. Host Marriott International is a hotel ownership company led by Richard Marriott, one of the two sons of J.W. Marriott. Marriott International is a high growth management and franchising company run by the founder’s other son, Bill Marriott.

Marriot International has recently enhanced their web presence by creating a site that takes full advantage of the growing trend of social media. The site has links to Facebook, Flicker, Twitter and YouTube and includes numerous blogs as well as links to other sources related to the operation of Marriott International.

When you land on the home page of, you will have access to a wide range of information. Across the very top of the page is an easy to navigate menu bar with the following categories:

About Marriott – Careers – Core Values and Heritage – Corporate Responsibility – Diversity –Hotel Development – Investors – News – Branding

Each category also has detailed sub-menus that allow you to get a complete picture about the Company. The amount of information about Marriott and the lodging industry that you can access from this one site is quite amazing. You can find out the history of the company, search for properties and read the latest Marriott and other industry news.

Just below the menu bar is a scrolling pictorial bar that highlights the most recent news and other stories of interest. The Home Page also has an updated stock quote for those that may be investors in the Company. Perhaps the most interesting part of the site comes under the category “Follow Us.”

“Follow Us” is the way you can access different blogs and connect with the most popular social media sites. Bill Marriott, the Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board of Marriott International, writes his own blog. The Octogenarian (turned 80 on March 25, 2012) has embraced the new technology with regular contributions to his “Marriott on the Move” blog and numerous postings on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.
Although the Chairman is the first to admit he is technology challenged, he will often hand-write his thoughts and have an assistant post his original work to share with the internet community.

Marriott International has approximately 300,000 employees and more than 3,700 properties spread all around the world. Marriott receives praise and recognition for being very involved in the community, encouraging diversity and engaging in socially responsible and environmentally friendly policies. Fortune magazine consistently ranks Marriott high on their list of the Most Admired Corporations.

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