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May 16, 2012 / BSP Marketing

How to Find the Best Place for your Family Vacation

Family vacations are a tradition in many households. They give parents and children a chance to enjoy new experiences together. While everyone starts to get excited when the subject of the summer vacation comes up, one problem always seems to temper that enthusiasm. How do you decide on a place to go that will make everybody happy?

Situations often develop into small battles when the family sits around the kitchen table and everyone has a different opinion of what will make the best trip. Kids will always prefer Disneyland or another theme park to a week visiting the Smithsonian and exploring our nation’s capital. Dad may want to do some fishing at a nice lodge overlooking a lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Mom may be a big Elvis fan and insist on pointing the car toward Graceland.

Thanks to the internet and sites like, there is plenty of help out there when you are trying to plan a family vacation. The site offers the expert advice of professional travel writers, authors, marketing consultants and other well-informed members of the travel community. They blog about personal experiences and offer invaluable insights. While you can get plenty of information about any place in the world, the Best Family Travel Experts put a personal spin on their suggestions.

Their reviews are much more believable and easy to relate to than some other travel sites. They cover such subjects as how to get a few minutes of time for yourself when your kids are screaming that they want to go swimming or dressing up for dinner on a cruise vacation. Even though you love your little tykes more than anything else in the world, you know that there will be times when you wish you left them with Grandma and went on vacation without them. The professionals can help calm your nerves and show you how to deal with such situations. They have been there and done that!

Facts to Know so you will not Trip Out

Parents are looking for personally enriching authentic travel experiences. Instead of roller coasters and miniature golf they want a chance to swim with the dolphins or see the alligators in Everglades National Park. Kids will probably forget a 3D movie but will remember riding a horse on a Dude Ranch for the rest of their lives.

33% of travelers have sought information or advice through an online travel site. They read hotel reviews, visit vacation planning sites and get advice from the mothers and fathers with small children. Before you decide to pack the children in the back of the SUV and take a tour of the wineries, ask a mother who thought that sounded like a good idea. Maybe it was fun or maybe the kids got extremely bored and wanted to go home.

Moms are more likely to plan a family getaway than Dads. Mothers are more organized and seem to be able to compromise and find something that everybody would like to do.

Road trips are increasing in popularity. From an economic point of view, it is less expensive than flying, especially if you are traveling with a bunch of kids and need to buy plane tickets for everyone.

Educational trips where the kids can learn about the history of our country, wildlife, art or almost anything else are becoming more popular. A trip to Colonial Williamsburg, the San Diego Zoo or the Metropolitan Museum of Art would all fit this category.

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