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June 18, 2012 / BSP Marketing

How to Make Your Hotel Successful

1. Customer Service: The customer is always right!

No one likes a grumbling complainer. The best way to diffuse negativity from a customer is to listen, show concern, make an effort to rectify the situation, and ask how the hotel can improve its service going forward. Being confrontational just leads to more confrontation. If you can turn disappointment into an opportunity to effectively connect with a client, then you are an effective team leader and a true asset to your company.

2. On Site Team Building: Learn to read your colleagues, always be sensitive and helpful

Each person communicates differently and comes from a different background. Just because someone is kind and ingratiating does not mean they are insincere. Some people are not conversationalists and are all business, they write short emails and will not ask others how they are doing. Do not be offended by this style of working. By the same token, do not assume that a chatty colleague or someone with a flowery email style is not an effective worker. Learn to work with your colleagues as they are, adapt to their styles of communication, and always be a helpful, positive team player.

3. Online Presence: Social networking is an easy way to reach a wide audience

Many people and companies avoid social networking by claiming that they do not have time. If you have time to read an informative article online, it is just a matter of seconds to share or retweet. This quick and simple gesture lets your followers know who you are and will inspire confidence and trust among past and future hotel guests. Get in the habit of sharing online.

4. Your Building, Our Home: Customers feel good about a hotel that is in sync with our planet

When your hotel offers incentives for guests to hold on to their towels and sheets for more than a day, you are giving the message that you care about the environment. Sustainable practices lead to repeat customers: make them a habit!

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