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June 23, 2012 / BSP Marketing

Social Media Strategies for Hotels: Discover the Power of Internet Marketing

The importance of social media continues to grow as most businesses, companies, and individuals have realized the easiest way to promote their services and products through such a platform. Similarly, the hotel industries are also highly benefited by using social media profiles in their businesses. In fact, such a platform has become one of the most critical tools for a business as it is the best mode for customer interaction. Since few years, the criticality of using a social media platform has been increased drastically. As a result, a number of branded hotel chains and resorts are significantly benefited by using this trend to promote their business. Inevitably, these hotels have been able to improve their revenue and popularity not only at a regional level, but also at an international stage.

Innovative approaches of social media strategies for modern hotel chains:

In the past few years, a number of top hotels have used social media strategies to promote their business and newest deals. By using these platforms, many hotels were able to provide their guests with the latest information relevant to their business. With such an amazing platform, hotel businesses were able to successfully endorse their new promotional deals and leveraging promotions to generate revenue.

Eventually, the hotels were able to strengthen their business in the market while establishing a relationship with their customers. Also, the advertising cost was significantly minimized, as placing an ad through the social media profile is inexpensive. This is because there was no mailing order charge or printing fee involved in such a promotional technique. Additionally, these hotels got a real opportunity to communicate with their customers through their social channels while providing their guests with another layer of customer service. That’s how the social media became an ideal medium for the hotel industry to communicate their brand messages.

Such platforms also allow the customers to give their feedback and reviews online. These types of real interactions are very beneficial for a business. In fact, this will help the business to establish a long-term relationship with their customers. Certain popular hotel chains have also appointed special teams to handle and manage all day-to-day social media operations effectively. Customers can always reach these teams via any of the platforms such as Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. In addition, consumers are always welcome to provide their valuable feedback by visiting the company’s social media profiles. By utilizing such innovative approaches for social media strategies, hotel businesses can successfully endorse their seasonal deals and promotions.

When does a social media campaign for a hotel work?

Now that the approach for social media strategies is clear, let’s see when such a platform will work for a hotel. Before starting a social media profile for your business, you should never set a goal on generating revenue from it. The basic goal of such a profile is to reach the customers; so, don’t try to implement a sales pitch in your social media campaign. In stead, allow your guests some time to connect with you through your social media. Also, there is no such technique in social media as controlling the demographics just like an online ad campaign. Remember, your social media business page is meant for communicating with your consumers, so they are aware of the latest promotions, deals, and news about your hotels. Gradually, you will find numerous potential customers and the number will just keep increasing.

How to set up a social media campaign? Can any hotel set one?

Certainly, each independent hotel business can start its own campaign. However, it is not advisable to jump straight into the campaigning without knowing anything about it. Customers always look for the best and cheapest deals online. Your campaign can only be monetized, if the advertised deals in your social media profile fulfill your consumer’s needs. If you feel that your deal is neither the best nor the cheapest, then you may not want to start a social media campaign. However, there is no harm in endorsing a new promotional deal even though there is a minimal chance of sale. In fact, this may help your hotel to become more popular as numerous consumers may connect with you through your social media profiles. In future, this will allow your business to find more potential customers.

Remember that the social media campaign for your hotel is to remind your customers to share their experiences online. Guests who have already stayed at your hotel can share their reviews and feedback. In short, the aim of your page should be all about helping the consumers to learn more about other customer’s experiences about your hotel at a broader level.

Selling special deals and packages – Use social media:

To sell some special deals and packages online, popular hotel chains are now using the distribution platforms of social media. And it makes sense, because it is the best and easiest way to communicate with a massive number of guests. If you compare the other modes of advertisement, the overall cost will be more than double. For an instance, an online campaign is way cheaper than a television ad. Also, the social media page will offer a broader view of real customer reviews and experiences. This in fact helps the business to grow and find more potential customers in near future. Perhaps, you can make the campaign more appealing by adding real pictures, videos, stories, and fun facts about your hotel.

Some of the most successful social media campaigns implemented by luxury hotels include the campaigns of MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Seven Hotel in Paris, and the Hotel W in Barcelona. Each of these hotels is some of the best luxurious hotels in this world. By using simple social media platforms such as a Facebook fan page, these hotels have successfully promoted their hotel deals in the past few years. More importantly, these hotels are able to connect with millions of consumers worldwide. Probably, half of their followers may not be the potential customer, but they may lead you to reach your target audience apparently.

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