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April 8, 2013 / BSP Marketing

Inexpensive Quinceañera Banquet Halls in San Diego

It is a party. It is a religious ceremony. Most of all, it is a time for family and friends of a young lady of Hispanic heritage to gather and celebrate her Quinceañera, or fifteenth birthday. Planning for this special occasion starts early, often not far after a girl turns fourteen.

Families in South America, Central America and Mexico, as well as families in Cuba and Puerto Rico, get excited and want to do all they can to make the day special. In the United States, cities and communities with a large Hispanic population, like New York, Miami and San Diego, have thousands of such events each year. Because they are such important and popular events, banquet halls and ballrooms get booked months in advance for the Quinceañera’s reception.

Next to her wedding day, no other day in a Latina’s life gives rise to such a big party and social event. Families who can afford it, spare no expense to make sure that the Quinceañera’s party is perfect and will be remembered by all who attend.

Events of the Day

Before the big reception and party takes place, earlier in the day, a religious ceremony is held. Everyone gathers at the church for the special mass. The Quinceañera takes her place at the foot of the altar. Part of the ceremony is called the “last doll” where the young lady exchanges a childhood doll for a bouquet of flowers. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the bouquet is placed at the base of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Once the religious gathering is over, it is time to honor the Quinceañera at a grand reception. The reception is sometimes held in the home, but when there are more guests invited to celebrate the festive occasion, it usually is moved to a nearby banquet hall.

The reception itself always includes plenty of food, music and dancing. Before the actual partying begins, there are some traditional activities that take place. The Quinceañera and her court, a group of her closest friends and family members, are introduced in their fancy gowns and stylish tuxedos. The father crowns his daughter with a tiara and then performs the ritual of changing shoes. Symbolically, the act of replacing the Quinceañera’s flat shoes with a pair of high heels, signifies the transition of a young girl into a young woman.

A highlight of the party is when the Quinceañera Waltz takes place. Father and daughter take center stage and dance to a special song selected for the featured event. Food and drink are plentiful. Music plays as people talk and laugh. Everyone congratulates the guest of honor. Gifts are exchanged and at the end, the Quinceañera thanks everyone for being there to make her fifteenth birthday so wonderful.

Finding a Desirable and Affordable Place for the Reception

All of the planning for the fifteenth birthday celebration starts with the selection of the banquet hall. Finding inexpensive banquet halls in San Diego can be a challenge. You might find a great spot, but it will be well over your budget. You might find a cheap place, but it will not impress your guests. The secret is to find a venue that combines low-cost with a nice, if not extravagant, banquet hall.

San Diego Mission Valley Resort 2013

Equally as important as finding a suitably sized and properly priced venue is finding a staff that can help your event go off without a hitch. One such place in San Diego that provides facilities that you will like, and service that you will love, is the Mission Valley Resort.

Hosting your Reception at the San Diego Mission Valley Resort

When you make your list of the most important things you want in a banquet hall, you might start with the features of the facility. The Mission Valley Resort has a large ballroom and several smaller banquet rooms that can accommodate up to 400 guests. There is also a beautiful outdoor garden patio area for guests to enjoy.

Next on the list of the most important things for a successful Quinceañera is the food.
Of course, you are free to have any type of food served at your event, but most people want the menu to center around Mexican and Latin dishes. A highly professional and talented chef and his staff will use the full kitchen facilities to create a menu of all of the traditional favorites that are served at Quinceañeras. You can have also your choice of delicious cakes, candies and any other special treats that you can imagine.

The staff at the Mission Valley Resort has been holding Quinceañeras for many years and they know the importance of making sure everything is just right. They will go the extra mile to please you. If you need help with some special decorations, want a certain type of music, or anything else, all you have to do is ask.

Mission Valley Resort is an outstanding facility located in the heart of San Diego. Everyone at the resort is full committed to making sure that every last detail is taken care of so your special day will be a great success. When you are looking for Quinceañera & Reception Facilities in San Diego that are inexpensive, but provide the best food, music and atmosphere, the Mission Valley Resort is the obvious choice.

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