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June 17, 2013 / BSP Marketing

Affordable San Diego Wedding Venues – Wedding Packages at the Mission Valley Resort

Anyone who has been engaged knows the thrill of making the commitment. No matter how the question is popped, when the answer is yes, everyone is excited. At first, all the happy couple can think about is spreading the news. They call up friends and loved ones, flashing the sparkling engagement ring for strangers and acquaintances alike. However, after the initial giddiness passes, couples are faced with the daunting task of planning a wedding.

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Little girls may dream about their big day but the reality is often much more complicated. There are countless details to work out and millions of tasks to complete. Then the costs start to build. Everything comes with a price tag. Iridescent ink costs extra on the invitation, and wedding dresses need to be altered by a professional seamstress. As more couples struggle to stay under budget for their nuptials, the joy of the engagement quickly turns into ongoing anxiety.

This anxiety can skyrocket for couples who are hoping to get married in tourist hotspots. For couples trying to plan a San Diego event, finding the right venue at the right price can turn the idea of wedded bliss into a nuptial nightmare.

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Still, there is no reason to fret. Since more couples are looking to save, more hotel managers have started to create customized packages. These options are affordable and often include a wide range of professional supports to help make the planning process as stress free as possible.

For this kind of service, be sure to consider the Mission Valley Resort. The Mission Valley Resort is an impressive hotel located in the heart of San Diego. Its prime location is matched with a number of relaxing amenities, including a fitness center, two heated pools, an in-house restaurant and bar and more. In addition to this, the Mission Valley Resort has a magnificent event space that is perfectly suited for weddings of all sizes and styles. Additionally, the Mission Valley Resort is proud to offer affordable event packages, ensuring that almost any couple can turn to the Mission Valley Resort for a reception hall on their big day.

Innexpensive reception Hall

At the Mission Valley Resort, the event staff is fully committed to easing the stress of planning. Every couple gets to work with a professional event planner, who can help couples through the process and answer any questions that may arise. The event planner will organize details and ensure that everything is taken care of at the reception hall, giving couples far fewer things to concern themselves with as they prepare for their marriage.

Event options are detailed on the hotel’s website. This makes it easy to access any given package before even meeting with the event planner. For couples who live outside of San Diego and cannot come in person for an initial consultation, the event staff at the Mission Valley Resort is more than happy to work with couples online to complete most of the planning. In fact, there is even a convenient link on the website that gives couples direct access to the Mission Valley Resort’s Wedding Coordinator.

With all this talk of savings and convenience, it may be easy to think that the Mission Valley Resort has fewer perks. To the contrary, the Mission Valley Resort is well equipped to host events of all flavors. Couples can arrange the ample event space however they choose, using the reception halls and breakout rooms as needed. The decor is elegant and neutral, making it the perfect backdrop for any theme. The space can be transformed for formal or informal events, and couples can utilize the well maintained grounds. The landscaping is exquisite in the gardens, and with a romantic gazebos available, many couples fulfill their dream of getting married outside on the grounds before moving to a full-scale celebration in the reception hall.

With all this, the Mission Valley Resort may sound perfect. However, the packages also include a range of services that make the details easier to manage. For example, with the Mission Valley Resort, couples can also arrange floral service with the event planner. Additionally, the event planner can discuss numerous ways to arrange the venue and can coordinate decoration. Small details like changing centerpieces between the rehearsal dinner and the reception can easily be accommodated. The event coordinator can help couples select food, desserts, drinks, decor and more, all with consideration of the budget and personal tastes.

In particular, the Mission Valley Resort is the perfect venue for succulent catering. The menu options are expansive and include a full range of culinary tastes. Couples can opt for a formal lunch or dinner, or they can arrange for a buffet-style meal. More than that, the food options vary greatly, including a number of cultural specialties such as Mexican, Italian and Hawaiian in addition to standard American fare. This makes it easy to tailor the menu to any style, preference or budget constraint.

Packages also include access to other affordable amenities in the event space. A dance floor is available and can be set up and taken down by the event staff. The Mission Valley Resort can also provide a full bar with a bartender during the reception. On top of all this, couples who choose the Mission Valley Resort receive one night in the deluxe wedding suite while guests can stay at the venue with discounted rates.

For couples who are trying to plan their perfect day on a budget, be sure to consider the Mission Valley Resort. With affordable packages and picture-perfect event space, the Mission Valley Resort is well equipped to help any couple achieve their matrimonial goals. The event staff on hand is fully committed to helping with every aspect of the planning, taking care of the numerous details to let couples simply enjoy the experience. Couples have enough to worry about when contemplating a lifetime together. Let the experts at the Mission Valley Resort help start it off right by planning the perfect wedding day in San Diego.

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