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June 18, 2013 / BSP Marketing

Top Beaches in Orange County – Travel Tips

Known worldwide for sun, sand, and beaches, Orange County, California offers some of the best and surf culture in the world. Finding a place to see the water is only difficult because there are so many terrific beaches from which to choose. Families who choose to travel to the area will find excellent and famous spots like Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, and Crystal Cove for enjoyment by the water.
Orange County - old picture beach 1898
Orange County – Old Picture Beach 1890-1898 

Tips for the Top Beaches in Orange County (in alphabetical order)

Each of these beaches give visitors something special and unique for the southern California experience, and it’s worth visiting all of them to see all that the county has to offer.

Corona del Mar: The name of this beach and community within the larger city of Huntington Beach means “the crown of the sea” in Spanish, and it’s a popular spot for anyone who wants to get into the water. Lounging on the sand and enjoying the bright sun and breezy surf is one of the best, simple activities available on Corona del Mar. This famous area of Orange County’s beaches has been featured in a number of films over the years.

Crescent Bay Cove: This area of Laguna has some of the best sand in the entire county, and has become popular in recent years for Memorial Day visits when the summer season opens. Convenient showers and a nearby bathroom make this beach a terrific option for families who want easy facilities nearby. For more adventurous visitors, there are some beautiful tide pools and rocky portions of the beach for exploration.

Crystal Cove State Park: This stretch of sand sits on the northern shore of Laguna Beach, and the area remains undeveloped due to its status as a California State Park. A lot of people like to swim or surf at this beautiful spot, but there are also more intense activities, and some of the top extreme sports for visitors include scuba diving and mountain biking. One of the neat things about this part of the coastline is that the area under the water is designated as a state park.

Huntington Beach: Well known for events during the year such as a marathon that runs right by the long stretch of sand that follows the length of this area of Orange County, Huntington Beach offers visitors a lot of sand on which to play. Instead of staying in a standard hotel, families and couples who choose to travel to the area should consider one of the rental houses that sit just a few blocks from the beach.

Newport Beach: A family could visit Newport Beach and not have to go anywhere else for enjoyment during the summer. The weather is spectacular in the summer, but it’s possible to visit the town and its coastline at any time of the year. Many top festivals hit the sand each year, and a fabulous way to experience the area is to arrange travel during one of the celebrations. The 4th of July celebration is exceptionally fun.

Seal Beach: Driving a little north of Huntington Beach will deposit a traveler at Seal Beach, and this area is a little less crowded than the well-known summer spots of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. There’s a famous pier for a nice walk onto the water and a large group of restaurants in the area as well. Great tips for enjoying this beach include getting to the area early to find a parking spot and using the residential area beyond the beach for free parking.

Tips to Enjoy Orange County Sand and Surf This Summer

Everyone visits southern California for a different reason. Depending on who might be in the traveling party, there are some tips to remember to make the experience as smooth as possible during the busy summers in the county.

The Nightlife of OC

For anyone who wants to experience the nightlife of southern California, it’s worth a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (known to the locals as PCH) to check out the bars, entertainment, and restaurants that sit right on the coastline. There are even a few piers in the county that have entertainment and restaurants built on them for dining over the water.

Give the Kids Activities

Exploring beaches usually involves swimming, surfing, and playing on the sand, and there are a few activities that will make the experience the best part of any travel. For parents who want to give the kids a little action and adventure, visiting the playground area near Balboa Park is a great way to tire out the little tykes.

Digital Wizardry Helps

Many travelers own smart phones, and when visiting the area, looking for some apps that will help visitors to the area is advisable. Laguna Beach actually has an app dedicated solely to vacations and visiting the area. The county also has an app designed as a guide for visitors that is worth checking out before arrival in Orange County.

Expect the Sun

Although the weather might get a little cooler and windier during the winter, the area is sunny and hot during the summer. When visiting the top shores in the area, it’s vital to carry along a gallon of sunscreen, some protective sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat for protection against the sun. Fun travel is also safe travel, and the sun is very intense in southern California.

Experiencing a memorable and fun vacation on the sands of famous Orange County takes just a little planning, and knowing what to expect and what to see will offer the best chance for a classic California summer holiday. The beach culture of southern California has no equal, and living like a Californian for a little while on the beaches of Orange County is a great way to spend a vacation.

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