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October 9, 2013 / BSP Marketing

A Taste of the East: Three Japanese Restaurants to Try in Anaheim

Japanese Restaurants to Try in AnaheimWith its position near the Pacific coastline, it should be no surprise that Anaheim has a strong Japanese community. Because of this, there are a number of Japanese restaurants that feature food that is both decadent and authentic. To get a taste of everything Japan has to offer, be sure to consider one of the following restaurants and tease your tastebuds with flavors from across the ocean.

1. Benihana.

Hiroaki Aoki came to America from Japan with the sole dream of opening a restaurant of his own someday. Inspired by his father’s flair and tenacity, Aoki worked hard to put himself through school and save up enough money to open his restaurant. Located in New York, Aoki’s restaurant was the first teppanyaki restaurant in the country. However, with its success, it was certainly not the last.

Although the first Benihana was in New York City, the success of the restaurant led to other franchises across the nation and eventually the world. Anaheim has its own Benihana, which is definitely worth a visit. Benihana is best known as a Japanese steakhouse, and it features open steel grills for a distinctive atmosphere. With this flair, Benihana is one of the best known Japanese franchises in the world.

Benihana has a popular teppan menu, which features a range of sushi and sashimi options. It is also well known for its steak entrees, including Teriyaki Steak and Imperial Steak. Although Benihana is best known for its steak, it also has succulent chicken and a diverse seafood menu. There are also selections for lunch and dessert, and Benihana even has a special kids menu for younger diners. Guests can even enjoy Banzai Hour specials in the lounge along with a well stocked bar at any time of the day or night.

2. Koisan Sushi.

This Japanese restaurant holds proudly to its Japanese heritage, serving customers with an unwavering commitment to the rituals and ceremony that have made Japanese culture so well loved. Koisan Sushi has a convenient location just minutes from Disneyland, making it a fantastic choice for something different during any Anaheim vacation.

Because of its emphasis on authenticity, Koisan Sushi has a delectable sushi bar with its own distinctive menu. Guests can select from several dozen sushi options along with other appetizers. Koisan Sushi is also proud to offer a traditional lunch menu with “Koisan Daily Bento” meals. These meals come in boxes and are routinely changed to feature the latest innovations from the chef. Many people also visit Koisan Sushi at the dinner hour to see nabemono. This cooking method is unique to Japan, and guests have the opportunity to see their meal prepared right at the table.

Koisan Sushi has a vibrant selection of seafood, which is all expertly prepared. The menu options include decadent entrees like lobster, scallops and shrimp. The chefs at Koisan Sushi are also pleased to offer a selection of local fresh fish, depending on the season. Other popular menu options include shabu shabu and chicken sukiyaki. Koisan Sushi has been a proud part of the Anaheim community since 1978, and it continues to attract guests of all backgrounds.

3. Yosuki Sushi.

For a bit more of a laid back vibe, consider a trip to Yosuki Sushi. Also located in downtown Anaheim, Yosuki Sushi has good food at good prices. Although Yosuki Sushi has less attention to ambiance than the upscale restaurants on this list, the food is still excellent. The sushi in particular is worth trying, and many customers appreciate that the seafood is always fresh. The salmon sashimi and the soft shell crab are noteworthy standouts on an already exquisite menu. Other menu options include tempura, udon, teriyaki and yakisoba. On top of this, guests are free to chat with the chefs, who may even share a drink with customers from time to time.

Yosuki Sushi is open for dinner and lunch, and guests can choose to eat directly at the bar. Menu options feature a number of authentic dishes with an obvious emphasis on sushi. The atmosphere is casual, and with affordable prices, it is a great option for people on a budget. Yosuki Sushi is also kid-friendly, which means it is a good choice for the entire family. Because of its popularity, Youski Sushi is often crowded, especially during dinner hours. However, the staff does accept reservations, and many guests find that a small wait is worthwhile for the rich quality of the food.

With these options, it is easy for anyone to experience a bit of Japan during their time in Anaheim. Benihana has an upscale flair. Koisan Sushi has an acute attention to authenticity. Yosuki Sushi is a casual way to enjoy real Japanese cuisine. Test your taste buds with a stop at one of these fantastic options soon!

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