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October 10, 2013 / BSP Marketing

Tastes from South of the Border: Six Mexican Restaurants to Try in Anaheim

Southern California is well-known for its connection to Mexican culture. With such proximity to the Mexican border, there are many people of Mexican descent living in the area. This gives Southern California a unique ambiance. It also ensures that there are plenty of quality Mexican restaurants to try.

Mexican Restaurants to Try in Anaheim

To get started, consider the six following Mexican restaurants in Anaheim.

1. Tortilla Jo’s. Located in downtown Disney, Tortilla Jo’s is an extremely popular tourist hotspot. This popularity is not without good reason. Tortilla Jo’s is an open-air cantina that strives to capture the true spirit of Mexico. There is live music with a distinctive mariachi band. The service is multilingual, and the food is authentically prepared. Entrees include tender meats and hearty helpings of rice and beans. Many people love their made-to-order guacamole, and the tequila menu is almost unparalleled. Popular dishes include steak ranchera and citrus-braised pork carnitas. Food is served with fresh tortillas, which are always made from scratch daily. Tortilla Jo’s also has exquisite desserts, such as deep-fried ice cream.

2. Baja Fresh. Baja Fresh is situated near the Anaheim Convention Center, making it a convenient stop for guests during their vacation in Anaheim. This vibrant location is always full of energy, capturing the true essence of the Mexican culture. Baja Fresh was established in the early 1990s as a fresh take on Mexican food. All the ingredients used at Baja Fresh are high quality, and every meal is freshly prepared to order with no freezers or microwaves on site. Meal options include a wide variety of burritos, taquitos, quesadillas, nachos and Baja Bowls. There is a kids menu, and some entrees are under 500 calories.

six following Mexican restaurants in Anaheim

3. La Casa Garcia. For a more intimate experience in Mexican dining, be sure to try La Casa Garcia. La Casa Garcia is also located near the tourism center, but while other restaurants offer an over-the-top and raucous atmosphere, La Casa Garcia has a more family style ambiance. This quaint cantina is not only well-known for its family oriented style but also its authentic dishes. The menu has a full range of seafood options, and many guests savor the fajitas. La Casa Garcia also has a well-stocked bar, and the margaritas are especially popular. La Casa Garcia has been a proud part of the Anaheim community since the 1970s, and it has remained a fixture of the area thanks to its commitment to quality and taste.

4. The California Grill and Cantina. Attached to the Crowne Plaza Anaheim Resort, the California Grill and Cantina attracts a number of tourists. Unlike the other restaurants on this list, the California Grill and Cantina features a wider range of cuisine, serving popular Mediterranean dishes with a Spanish finish. In general, the menu reflects a Californian flair by incorporating a number of Mexican elements that definitely make the food stand out. This diversity makes the California Grill and Cantina a great spot for the entire family. Other people also stop by for the cocktail lounge, which features an impressive menu for margaritas and other drinks.

5. The Mexicana Cafe and Cantina. This popular Mexican destination is located near the Clarion Hotel in Anaheim. This restaurant is always bustling with activity thanks to its diverse menu. The food is authentically flavored, and the entire atmosphere is warmly styled with a noteworthy Spanish flair. Better still, the Mexicana Cafe and Cantina often features live music, and some nights even offer karaoke. Guests can come for Happy Hour or for a sit-down dinner. Because of this, the Mexicana Cafe and Cantina appeals to a wide range of people. Reservations are encouraged.

6. Cafe Rio Mexican Grill. Although the Cafe Rio Mexican Grill has a presence in areas throughout the United States, one of its most exciting locations is in the heart of Anaheim. This chain had humble beginnings in 1997, but with hard work and a commitment to excellence, the Cafe Rio Mexican Grill has continued to expand. The Anaheim location is particularly vibrant, and guests will appreciate the scintillating menu options. All the food is fresh, which gives even well-known Mexican dishes like quesadillas and nachos a new flavor. Guests can also snack on some of the best chips and salsa in the entire Anaheim area. No matter what dish one chooses, it is freshly prepared with a host of quality ingredients.

There may be many other Mexican eateries in Anaheim, but these six options definitely stand out from the competition. With their selections of quality and vibrancy, visiting one of the restaurants on this list is sure to tantalize the tastebuds while reinvigorating the spirit. Therefore, be sure to make a point to visit at least one of these restaurants soon. If you have trouble choosing just one, eat at them all!

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