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December 9, 2013 / BSP Marketing

3 Ways to Market your Hotel during the Holidays

Ways to Market your Hotel during the HolidaysAlthough it might only be the beginning of September when the kids go back to school, it is a good time for hotels to start planning their holiday marketing campaign. During the holiday season that runs roughly from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, all of the stores will be doing their best to get people in the spirit so they will shop and buy plenty of gifts and presents. Retail businesses make the majority of their annual sales during this small window of time and hotels need to be part of the celebration.

The day before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year. While some families get in the minivan and make the two-hour drive to Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving Day, many others board flights on Wednesday and do not fly back home until Sunday. That means people need a place to sleep for a few nights.

Grandma might be able to accommodate you and the rest of your family, but sometimes, there is not enough room. Sometimes it is too inconvenient and sometimes you really would rather stay at a hotel. Whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or some time in between, this is the time of year when you can tempt people to travel.

Engaging the people who are likely to travel during the holiday season is the key to getting them to come and stay at your hotel. You want to create an atmosphere that will make them want to stay with you and not at another hotel a mile away.

Following are 3 ways you can market your hotel during the holiday season.

1. Dress up your website

When potential guests arrive at your hotel’s website, you do not want them to see the same content that you had in the summer. Enrich your landing page with a festive holiday design. Add in some festive colors like reds and greens that will catch the viewer’s eye. Make sure you include pictures of the holiday decorations in your lobby and all around your hotel. If you are having something special for the holidays like a special Sunday brunch or an appearance by Santa, make sure you play up that event. You can include things like Christmas music, a list of holiday events in the area or a section where people can share their favorite holiday memories.

Example of social media holiday decoration for your Twitter page

Example of social media holiday decoration for your Twitter page

2. Use social media to get people excited

One of the best ways to engage people who visit your Facebook page or other social media sites is to hold a festive holiday contest. You can post a holiday-themed picture and ask people to provide a funny caption. The person who is selected as the winner could receive a free night at your hotel. Depending upon your budget, the prizes can be big or small. Whether it is a free room or a free pay-per-view movie, people love getting a gift during the holiday season almost as much as giving one. Use your imagination to come up with fun trivia contests, surveys and games that help increase your brand awareness.

3. Holiday rates and extra value

Part of your goal is to increase occupancy during the holiday season and part of your goal is to introduce your hotel to first-time guests. The holiday season gives you the perfect chance to put your best foot forward. Offer guests the best rates you can. Special holiday packages like stay two nights and get the third night free will attract guests as will offering a free $50 gift card when you book a room for at least two nights.

Holidays are the time to be with your family. The people who work at hotels may not be your family but they can make you feel like family. Your holiday marketing plan should be festive and offer more than usual to the hotel guest. Make everyone feel warm and welcome, give them a gift and they will become loyal and repeat customers.

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