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December 16, 2013 / BSP Marketing

The Right Hotel for the 2016 NAMM Show

The Right Hotel for the 2014 Namm ShowIn the music industry, getting a big break can be hard. However, everyone can improve their chances of success with practice, perseverance and attending the NAMM Show.

The NAMM Show is an annual event that caters to musicians and other people in the music industry. While there are musical performances, the NAMM Show also has exhibits, presentations, small group learning sessions and more. In fact, the NAMM Show is widely regarded as one of the most important events in the music industry, attracting the biggest names and most influential companies.

The 2014 NAMM Show will start on January 23 and will last through January 26. These four days will be packed with opportunities to learn, grow, sell and connect. Over 1500 exhibits are expected, including displays from product manufacturers. These exhibits represent every aspect of the music industry, ensuring that there will be something of interest for everyone in attendance. More than that, there will be over 5000 music product brands available to test and discover, leading to innovation and musical advancement in unexpected ways. Exhibits are still being booked, which means that the options continue to evolve.

In addition to these exhibits, the NAMM Show is proud to offer educational opportunities. Every morning of the show will feature powerful breakfast sessions with keynote speakers that represent the best and latest in the music industry. There are also over 40 idea center sessions, which focus on useful topics like sales, lessons, retailing and more. If that is not enough, attendees can learn with hands-on learning sessions. Overall, those who attend the NAMM Show will have opportunities to push their boundaries and achieve new things, which can be a fantastic catalyst for new success in the coming year. With so many professionals on hand, the NAMM Show is also a great destination to start networking, which is useful for old industry pros and newcomers who are trying to make a name for themselves.

One of the most exciting parts of this year’s NAMM Show will be the focus on technology. There are many expected reveals from prominent industry brands, and guests will discover new ways to utilize technology to make music and make money. Major displays are expected from brands like Korg and Roland, which offer some of the best mixing technology currently on the market. In particular, IK Multimedia will be on hand to show off its new SampleTank 3. There will also be an impressive selection of new guitars and pianos to try out and purchase. With all this, there is simply no better place to go to learn more about the newest innovations in the music industry.

Commerce CasinoThis spectacular event will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center. This massive facility is located in the heart of Anaheim, which is a popular tourist destination in its own right. With so much space, the Anaheim Convention Center is the perfect spot for the NAMM Show. However, in order to make the most of the event, guests should be sure to pick the right hotel. While there are many hotels in Anaheim, keep the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles-Commerce Casino at the top of your list.

The Crowne Plaza is located only 20 miles from the convention center, making the commute less than a half hour. While there are other hotels closer to the convention center, most have been booked solid for months ahead of the NAMM Show. This leaves last minute travelers out of luck and in need of accommodations. Fortunately, the Crowne Plaza still has rooms set aside for just this reason. This means that even guests who make their plans late can still get a comfortable and convenient room for the NAMM Show by staying at the Crowne Plaza.

In addition to availability, the Crowne Plaza is an affordable choice. Luxury rooms are available for under $180 a night, making it a competitive option that gives guests plenty of spending money for the event itself. There are a number of standard amenities at the hotel, including free Wi-Fi and access to parking. The hotel has a Business Center in addition to an outdoor pool and a fitness center. Other upgrades are available upon request.

Crowne PlazaWhile the Crowne Plaza is a great choice for the event, guests will also find plenty to do when they are not in attendance. To start, the Crowne Plaza is affiliated with the Commerce Casino. For those not familiar with the Commerce Casino, it is about time to have an introduction. The Commerce Casino is a full entertainment casino. This highly regarded casino features the biggest poker room in the world. Here, players can try their hand at any type of poker, including No Limit and Omaha. The Commerce Casino is also home to the University of Poker and hosts the Los Angeles Poker Classic. There are other gaming opportunities with an unparalleled range of Baccarat tables, giving guests options for Pai Gow Poker or Blackjack.

There is more than games at the casino. In fact, the Commerce Casino is also highly regarded for its selection of food. There are five dining options, featuring almost any type of food imaginable. For Asian-inspired dishes, try the Wood Dragon. For hearty burgers and a cold drink, the Arena Sports Bar and Grill may be the right stop. For dining at any time of the day or night, the Commerce Cafe is a reliable and homey choice. Tableside dining is also available upon request at any time, allowing guests to eat as early or as late as they may choose. During the stay, find a favorite spot or be sure to try them all.

room2014With the Commerce Casino, it may be tempting to never leave the hotel. However, that would certainly be a pity since the Crowne Plaza is well situated for any number of other vacation activities. Many guests opt to shop at Citadel Outlets, which features fantastic and affordable shopping from the biggest brands. Some of the stores include Billabong, Benetton, Puma and more. The range is eclectic and exciting, ensuring that there is a store for everyone in the family, no matter what their style may be. Best of all, Citadel Outlets is only three blocks from the Crowne Plaza. To make visiting even easier, the Crowne Plaza conveniently runs a complimentary shuttle there, making this popular outlet mall a must for visitors.

This may be the closest attraction to the Crowne Plaza, but it certainly is not the only one. The Crowne Plaza has an ideal location, making it well suited for activities in Anaheim, Los Angeles and other surrounding areas. From the Crowne Plaza, guests can easily visit Hollywood or try shopping in the heart of Los Angeles. It is also easy to visit more around Anaheim with Disneyland. By staying at the decadent Crowne Plaza, guests are positioned for fun with shopping, sightseeing, entertainment, sports, beach-going and so much more.

Clearly, the NAMM Show is a must for 2014. Become a member to buy your tickets today, and then be sure to book your room at the Crowne Plaza. Reservations can be made online or on the phone. We look forward to helping make your experience at the 2014 NAMM Show better than ever.

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