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January 17, 2014 / BSP Marketing

Five Ways to Save Money at Disneyland in 2015

Five Ways to Save Money at DisneylandDisneyland is a magical escape for the whole family. From the rides to the shows, it is a coveted vacation destination. However, all the wonder comes with a price tag, and many people believe that Disneyland is simply not possible for budget-minded travelers. This does not have to be the case, though. To save money on the wonder, consider these cost saving secrets for the happiest place on Earth.

1. Length of stay. Many people believe that a shorter vacation will offer the best value, but that is not necessarily the case. One-day passes for Disneyland are not the most cost-effective option. These passes are priced high and do not offer the flexibility needed to enjoy the experience. There is no way to do everything at Disneyland in one day. Buying a one-day pass will result in an overbooked, stressful vacation where time is paid for at a premium. Instead, buy a multi-day pass, which is more cost-effective and gives visitors the flexibility to appreciate everything the park has to offer. In fact, when purchasing a three-day pass or more, the cost can be as low as $40 a day.

Photo Sandwich2. Meals. It may be tempting to try to go it alone for eating since many visitors think they can piecemeal together a menu to save some extra cash. However, a la carte options at Disney are very expensive. The best way to get the most value while dining at Disney is to invest in a prepaid meal plan or make your own Sandwich. These plans cover meals and snacks while in the park. They can even include a character dinner, which is a pricey perk that many guests will invest in any way. In general, a meal plan can save up to 25% on dining. It is also possible to save money by bringing in snacks and water. Disneyland does allow outside food and beverages as long as they are not packaged in glass. Water in particular is a good item to bring since bottles can be quite expensive in the park. It is also good to note that guests can order a cup of tap water for free at most of the restaurants in Disneyland.

3. Hotels. The price of a room at one of Disneyland’s hotels can be shocking during the busy season. However, while many hotels charge top dollar in the summer, they discount their rates in the fall and winter. Some visitors try to save money by staying farther away from the park, but this tactic often backfires. A hotel that is farther away is harder to access, which adds a commute to any trip. This limits the amount of time spent in the park and rules out pit stops at the hotel. Plus, if the hotel is not within walking distance, there is gas and parking fees. For the very best rates, the Anaheim Inn Express is a great option. This hotel is within walking distance of Disneyland and can be as low as $65 a night in the off-season.

4. Time of day. Another good way to get more out of a Disneyland vacation is to take full advantage of the park’s hours. Too many families are inclined to head back to the hotel in the evening. This means that the lines are much shorter at this time. Many guests find that the evening is their favorite time in the park, thanks to the shorter lines and cooler weather. Plus, staying later adds more value to any trip. Taking full advantage of Disneyland’s hours is a great way to maximize any Disney experience.

5. Shopping. A Disneyland trip is not complete without a few souvenirs. While shopping is fun at Disneyland, it can also be a pricey venture. Therefore, do not limit the browsing to on-site stores only. While some fun novelty items can only be found there, other items like t-shirts, cups, fans and more can be found at nearby chain stores. In fact, these items can be significantly less at these stores. You can also buy online before you travel. Therefore, look at nearby chain stores in advance in order to see the selection and gauge prices. Buy good deals at these stores, saving your spending cash for the items that are truly unique to Disneyland.

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