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May 8, 2014 / BSP Marketing

How to be Successful in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry Success Tips 2015Success in the hospitality industry starts at the top. Senior management calls the shots and sets the tone. If the staff isn’t happy, the customer knows it and revenues fall. It goes without saying that managers need to know the business, but how many know how to build and inspire a team?

First of all, managers need to look less at an applicant’s resume and more at the character of a person. Anyone can learn specific skills; developing a recluse into a team player is a much harder task. Look for qualities that promote excellence and team cohesiveness.

Managers should strive to surround themselves with people who are smarter than they are. Strong egos are an asset in a leader, but self-evaluation is absolutely necessary. Leaders must develop their own strengths and hire others to fill in the gaps. The hospitality business is too complex for any one person to master it all.

Once the team is in place, continually inspire them to do better. Reward them for their successes and give credit where credit is due. Let the spotlight shine on other people and praise their accomplishments. Treat them well, and they will treat the guests well. Happy guests are good for business.

Senior managers need to get out of the office and walk the hallways. Be visible and accessible. Talk to the staff and guests. Listen to them. Read the comment cards. Find out what the competition is saying. View problems as an opportunity for growth. There’s always room for improvement, even at the top.

Address issues quickly and train the staff to do the same. Procrastination is never good for any business. In today’s world, guests have easy access to online travel sites. Avoid bad reviews by taking action. Acting too quickly is better than not acting at all.

Delivering a quality product is never easy. However, hiring quality people and showing them that they are appreciated will go a long way toward creating an inviting environment for the guests. Pay attention to the details for they are the building blocks of a successful business.

Follow all these Tips and your Hotel will Be Successful

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