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October 29, 2014 / BSP Marketing

Increase Hotel Profits by Keeping Your Employees Happy

Happy hotel maid - Work in hotel roomThe hospitality industry is thriving, but with that success comes responsibility. Hotel and restaurant owners need good management practices in order to remain relevant and realize sustained profits. Effective management includes overseeing employee satisfaction. Research has shown that there is a direct connection between employee contentment and customer loyalty. This is why it is important to take an interest in each staff member’s happiness.

In an accommodation industry, the key to customer satisfaction is high-quality service. However, employees who are unhappy often lack the motivation to provide such service, which results in disgruntled customers. This trickle-down effect can adversely affect a company’s revenue. Studies have proven that the attitude of an employee is directly related to a customer’s spending. Essentially, happy employees create happy customers.

Online review sites and social networks have made it possible for travelers to instantly research hotels, resorts, restaurants and vacation hot spots. This on-the-spot reviewing can make or break a business. Find enough people ranting about slow, unfriendly or inexperienced staff members, and you will find a company struggling to prosper. The best weapon anyone in the travel industry has is employee engagement.

Encouraging employees to be connected to the process is the first step toward creating a long-lasting relationship between a business and its clientele. Customers seek authenticity, so employees should show genuine concern regarding customer satisfaction. Each team member should also understand the brand and its value. This will make it easier to represent the company on a day-to-day basis.

How can a business owner persuade employees to become engaged and authentic? The trick is to open communications so that team members can candidly discuss their gripes or praises. Managers should make the necessary adjustments to improve employee behavior. This may translate into a better understanding and delivery of the brand value, which can result in overall customer satisfaction.

The employee is the face of the business. With the ultimate goal being financial growth using responsible environmental practices, managers within this industry should focus on the employee-patron relationship. There is no denying that employee attitude, brand knowledge and productivity impact client satisfaction. A happy customer base is the gateway to security and longevity.

Customers often base their spending behaviors solely on their perception of the service. This is particularly true in the travel industry. Quick and efficient check-ins, a welcoming and accommodating staff, honesty and brand reliability are essential. When combined, these ingredients create the ultimate recipe for profitability.

Tourism is booming because it meets a need in society. As long as there is a hunger and need for travel, the hospitality industry will flourish. This does not mean that businesses can rest on their laurels. Competition is tough, and meeting the expectations of the customers is becoming more and more difficult. Hoteliers and other business owners must rely on personnel to provide superior service. The best way to support this goal is to keep staff members motivated, engaged and content.

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