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January 20, 2015 / BSP Marketing

Green Practices in Your Hotel Will Bring You More Guests

Longevity is a widespread goal in the hospitality industry, but how can hotel and resort owners develop sustainability in an unstable economy? The answer is essentially in the question: sustainability can be achieved by maintaining an ecological balance while using the available resources. However, investing in greener technologies is just the beginning, hoteliers need to be transparent about their green practices.

Why Green Transparency is Necessary

Green transparency will likely bring more guests to a hotel. In today’s world of online conferencing and staycations, the tourism market has taken a hit. If you want more people frequenting your hotel or resort, you will need to stand out as a socially conscious business. The first step is gaining that recognition among consumers. You can do so by defining your efforts to reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Green Hotel - the Crowne Plaza in San Diego

The Crowne Plaza in San Diego has implemented green practices for many years. Please inquire at Hotel Managers Group about their success stories.

Clearly stating your position and detailing your green practices means that travelers will know what to expect when visiting your property. Consumers can choose your services based on their needs and expectations. This may enhance their overall experiences at your property. Being upfront about your commitment to responsible tourism also engages consumers and instills trust, particularly if you are open about why green practices matter to you.

Another reason why your hotel should opt for transparency is that a larger consumer market can be reached. Many travelers are now looking for accommodations based on the green credentials of the business. Showing that you are committed to specific practices such as water efficiency, recycling and using clean renewable energy is a great way to pique the interest of your local community and beyond.

How to Market your Business as Green

The quickest path to green transparency is through a mission statement. Use this to declare your devotion to running an eco-conscious business. It is important to state your commitment to your consumers, their families and their budgets as well. Your green marketing campaign should also include an opportunity for travelers to provide feedback, whether it is via your website or consumer advisory resources.

Becoming certified by a reliable grading program, such as TripAdvisor GreenLeaders or the EPA, is another way to present your eco-friendly practices. This will allow you to provide a detailed listing of your efforts. Consumers can then offer praise or critiques regarding your green approach. With this type of grading system, you can cover issues such as energy, waste, water, business purchases, construction and employee responsibility.

Even if you are just beginning your sustainability journey, you can benefit from drawing attention to your environmental awareness. Something as simple as conscientious water management can boost your credibility with eco-conscious consumers. If you want to evaluate the water usage of your property and learn how to monitor and manage consumption, take a look at the following guides: 

Hoteliers who combine transparency with expertise and practicality exceed the expectations of the consumer. This typically results in more business. Applying that concept to a green mindset can only be advantageous. By sharing your mission with your target audience, you will not only raise awareness, you will increase trust. Illustrate your dedication to sustainable tourism, and you will ultimately show travelers that your principal focus is on them and the planet.

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